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1.1 Participation in the Thrive activities is at own risk. It is important to always listen to your own body and take responsibility to act upon.

1.2 Never exceed your own (physical) limitations, it is your decision to do or not do any posture given in class. Immediately stop your activity and inform the teacher if you feel pain, dizziness or sickness during the practice.

1.3 Yoga gives mental and physical benefits but never replaces any regular medical treatment. Always seek advise of a doctor in case of medical complains.

1.4 Always inform the teacher before class about any potential health complains or any other physical conditions, which might be of relevance for the class you participate in.

1.5 Thrive and teachers are not responsible for any damage and or loss of property or physical damage that may have occurred before, during or after class.

1.6 By signing the intake form, I declare to take full responsibility for any risks, injury’s or other damage incurred by participation in Thrive classes. I consciously renounce any claims or demands against Thrive or Thrive teachers with regard of participation in the Thrive classes / activities. I agree that my mail address may (exclusively) be used for Thrive information mailings.

1.7 By using this website and Thrive services i agree with the Thrive privacy statement. 
Read our privacy statement here (Dutch). 


2.1 Payment is due before participating in any event / class.

2.2 Payments for workshops are due one week before the workshop to ensure the reserved spot (unless otherwise stated)

2.3 Payments for  courses & retreats are generealy due upon booking or one month in advance (unless otherwise stated)

2.4 A partial advance payment schedule may apply for any event


3.1 There are no reimbursement after any payment

3.2 If a cancelation is done within the stated terms, the (partial or full) paid amount will be added to the Thrive account of the customer in Mindbody and can be used for any activities at Thrive (within one year)

3.3 For amounts above € 250 an exception can be requested for (partial or full) reimbursement (based on cancelation policy below). In this case an administration fee of € 15 will be deducted. Thrive is free to accept or deny this request (based on costs made).


4.0.1  All alligable refunds (see below) are only  to the student thirve account for future use at Thrive.

4.0.2  There is no refunding in cash or by bank

4.0.3  An exception is made on 4.0.2 only when an event is canceled by Thrive and the students prefers a cash or bank refund

4.1 A normal class (group lesson) can be canceled without costs until two hours before class starts

4.2.1 A (1 day) workshop can be canceled until 48 hrs without costs (paid funds will go to the student Thrive account)

4.2.2 Cancelation of a workshop until 24 hrs of start time gives a 50 % refund on thirve account

4.2.3 Cancelation or no show for a workshop within 24 hrs is paid in full

4.3.1 A Retreat or Course can be canceled before 1 month of the start date without costs (paid funds to Thrive account 

4.3.2 Cancelation of a retreat / course before 2 weeks of start date refunds 50% on Thrive account

4.3.3 Cancelation of a retreat / course within 2 weeks of start date, full amount is due

4.4.1 Cancelation of Studio space rental 1 month in advance, no costs

4.4.2 Cancelation of Studio space rental 2 weeks in advance, 50 % of rental amount

4.4.3 Cancelation of Studio space rental within 2 weeks, full amount is due

4.5.1 Month Memberships can only be canceled after the minimum agreed period

4.5.2 The minimum agreed period is a full number of (calendar) months where a full rate fee have been paid iaw the membership fee

4.5.3 There is a two week notice of cancelation, before the next calendar month (so cancel before the 15th to stop the next month)

4.5.4 Thrive can change the class schedule, class type and timings or teachers at any time, which is not a reason to adjust the minimum number or cancel a membership. 

4.6 For specific trainings / workshop cancelation policy may be different then in the genereal conditions (e.g. Teacher Training).


5.1.1  A ‘rittenkaart’ is valid as stated on the card description (either 2,3 or 6 months or otherwise agreed)

5.1.2 A ‘rittenkaart’ validity can be prolonged upon request because of illness or other valid reason, only when agreed by Thrive, and requested by the student when still having a valid card (by e-mail), so in advance and befiore the expiry date. 

5.1.2 Within 6 months after end date of a card, the remaning classes may be (re-) activated by payment for expired classes (all in one). The request can be made through e-mail. 

5.2   Account value or gift cards, are generaly valid for one year after issue date

Twee of vijf proeflessen Yoga of Pilates

Om een goede indruk van Thrive Yoga te geven, bieden we je de keuze om te starten met:

  • 2 proeflessen binnen 1 week (€ 17,-)
  • 5 proeflessen binnen 1 maand (€ 35,-)

De lessen kunnen zowel in de studio, buitenlessen als voor livestream lessen gebruikt worden! De perfecte manier om kennis te maken met de verschillende lessen en docenten bij Thrive. Je kunt zowel Yoga als Pilates volgen (waarvan maximaal eenmaal Aerial).  We adviseren om verschillende lessen / docenten uit te proberen zodat je ons gevarieerde aanbod kan ervaren.  Deze introductiekaart aanbieding is eenmalig verkrijgbaar wanneer je nog niet eerder lessen bij ons gevolgd hebt en alleen beschikbaar wanneer je in Amsterdam (of aangrenzende gemeenten) woonachtig bent.

Je kunt voor Zwangerschapsyoga een losse proefles volgen voor € 10,- , Als je al Thrive lid bent en een rittenkaart hebt, dan kun je deze ook eenmalig gebruiken voor een proefles zonder bijbetaling.