booking system

Terms and conditions


1.1 Participation in Thrive activities is at your own risk. It is important to always listen to your own body and take responsibility for acting accordingly.

1.2 Never exceed your own (physical) limitations, it is your decision whether or not to do a given posture in the class . Stop an activity immediately and inform the teacher if you feel pain, dizziness or nausea during the exercise.

1.3 Yoga provides mental and physical benefits but never replaces regular medical treatment. Always seek the advice of a physician for medical complaints.

1.4 Always inform the instructor before class of any health or other physical conditions that may be relevant to the class you are participating in.

1.5 Thrive Yoga BV and instructors are not responsible for any damage and/or loss of property or physical damage incurred before, during or after class .

1.6 By signing the intake form (in the studio or digitally when creating an account) I agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or other damages incurred through participation in Thrive classes. I knowingly waive any and all claims or demands against Thrive or Thrive teachers regarding participation in Thrive classes/activities. I agree that my mailing address may be used (only) for information mailings from Thrive and class related relevant information.

1.7 By using this website and services of Thrive, I agree to Thrive's privacy statement. Please read our privacy statement here.


2.1 Payment is due prior to participation in an event/class.

2.2 Payments for workshops are due one week prior to the start of the workshop to secure the reserved spot (unless otherwise stated).

2.3 Payments for courses & retreats are generally due upon booking or one month in advance (unless otherwise stated).

2.4 Each event may be subject to partial prepayment arrangements.


3.1 There is no refund after any payment.

3.2 If cancellation is made within the specified time limits, the amount paid (in part or in full) will be added to the client's Thrive account in the booking system and can be used for all activities at Thrive (within one year).

3.3 For amounts above € 250,- an exception can be requested for (partial or full) reimbursement (based on the cancellation policy below). In this case a €15 administration fee will be charged. Thrive is free to accept or reject this request (based on costs incurred).


4.0.1 All eligible refunds (see below) are on the student Thrive account for future use with Thrive only.

4.0.2 No refunds will be made in cash or by bank.

4.0.3 An exception to 4.0.2 will be made only when an event is cancelled by Thrive and the student prefers a cash or bank refund.

4.1 A regular class (group lesson) can be cancelled free of charge up to two hours before the start of the class , the credit for the class will be returned to the customer's account.

4.2.1 A (1 day or shorter) workshop can be cancelled up to 48 hours at no cost (monies paid will come into the student Thrive account).

4.2.2 Cancellation of a workshop up to 24 hours prior to the start will result in a 50% refund to their Thrive account.

4.2.3 If a cancellation or no-show for a workshop occurs within 24 hours, no refund will be made.

4.3.1 A Retreat or Course or multi-day Workshop can be cancelled up to 1 month after the start date without charge (money in Thrive account).

4.3.2 Cancellation of a retreat/course before 2 weeks before start date there is the possibility of a 50% refund of the amount paid into Thrive account.

4.3.3 If a retreat/course is cancelled within 2 weeks before the start date, the full amount is due and no refund will be made

4.4.1 When renting the Studio Space, the renter may cancel free of charge up to 1 month in advance

4.4.2 For cancellation of rental Studio space up to two weeks in advance, 50% of the rental fee is due.

4.4.3 If rental studio space is cancelled within two weeks, the full amount is due.


4.6 For specific trainings/workshops, the cancellation policy may differ from the general conditions (e.g. teacher training). This will then be clearly stated in the description and in the communication about the training.


5.1 A ride card and/or subscription is personal, classes can only be followed by the owner/holder of this card. 

5.2.1 A ride card is valid as stated on the card description (usually four or ten months or otherwise agreed upon)

5.2.2 The validity of a rides card may be extended upon request due to illness or other valid reason, only upon Thrive's agreement, and requested by the student while still in possession of a valid card (by email), i.e. in advance and before the expiration date.

5.2.2 Within 6 months of a card's expiration date, the remaining classes can be (re)activated for expired classes (all in one) for a fee. The request can be made by e-mail.

5.3 Account value or gift certificates are generally valid for one year from issue date.

6. Monthly memberships

6.1 Monthly Memberships are entered into for a minimum period (usually five months as indicated with the subscription). And can only be cancelled after this period (usually five months). 

6.2 When entering into a membership, the customer undertakes to pay the minimum agreed number of months times the monthly fee, regardless of the use / consumption of his credits. The minimum agreed period is a full number of months where a full rate has been paid through the membership fee.

6.3 After the agreed period, membership is terminable on a monthly basis. There is a notice period of two weeks, before the next due payment.

6.4 A monthly member may have a monthly subscription paused for a period of up to three months upon written request (effective with the next payment due). 

6.5 Thrive may change the schedule, class type and times of teachers at any time, which is not a reason to adjust the duration of the subscription or cancel a membership.

6.6 Thrive may unilaterally adjust the conditions and prices of memberships. It will notify the Member in writing to do so. If it involves a price increase then, as an exception to point 6.2, the member may also indicate in writing that they wish to terminate the membership early. 

6.7 The member is responsible for sufficient balance for the monthly direct debit. If a direct debit fails or is revoked by the member, the costs charged by the bank for this will be passed on to the member. 

Two or five Trial Classes of Yoga or Pilates

To give you a good impression of Thrive Yoga, we offer you the choice to start with:

  • 2 Trial Classes within 1 week (€ 17)
  • 5 Trial Classes within 1 month (€ 35,-)

The classes can be used in the studio, outdoors or for livestreaming! The perfect way to get to know the different classes and teachers at Thrive. You can take both Yoga and Pilates(with a maximum of one Aerial). We recommend trying out several classes / teachers so you can experience our varied offer. This introductory card offer is available once if you have not previously taken classes with us and is only available if you live in Amsterdam (or neighbouring towns).

You can take a single Trial Class for Pregnancy Yoga for € 10,- . If you are already a Thrive member and have a membership card, you can also use it for a one-off Trial Class without extra payment.