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In 2009 I came in contact with Yoga after which Yin Yoga quickly became my favorite form. By paying more attention to my body and listening to the stories taking place there, I got to know another side of myself. Because of this, the desire grew to find more silence in my life and I needed more depth. I wanted to know more about the philosophy behind yoga and took a Yin yoga teacher training.

In addition to Yin Yoga, I teach Restorative yoga and am a Consciousness Coach. Over the past few years I have started to supplement my Yang existence more and more with Yin. Living less from the head and more listening to the body and the heart. With the need to pass this on to others. For me, a conscious life means that you really get back in touch with yourself and your deeper layers with the realization that all the beauty there is already in you. In which getting in touch with your own body is the entrance. That is what I want to bring to my classes and coaching.

Other teachers

Thrive works with more than fifty committed and experienced yoga and Pilates teachers. All our teachers have an accredited training and several years of experience in teaching. Together they form the core of Thrive Yoga and they love to share their passion for yoga or pilates.

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Two or five Trial Classes of Yoga or Pilates

To give you a good impression of Thrive Yoga, we offer you the choice to start with:

  • 2 Trial Classes within 1 week (€ 17)
  • 5 Trial Classes within 1 month (€ 35,-)

The classes can be used in the studio, outdoors or for livestreaming! The perfect way to get to know the different classes and teachers at Thrive. You can take both Yoga and Pilates(with a maximum of one Aerial). We recommend trying out several classes / teachers so you can experience our varied offer. This introductory card offer is available once if you have not previously taken classes with us and is only available if you live in Amsterdam (or neighbouring towns).

You can take a single Trial Class for Pregnancy Yoga for € 10,- . If you are already a Thrive member and have a membership card, you can also use it for a one-off Trial Class without extra payment.